Grow Up Donot Grow Out of Childhood

Yesterday morning I listened to two of my most favourite old songs, after so many years, on my car radio. And it perked me up like anything.

When I reached back home, I skipped and hopped around, putting the house in order. Then I took out my laptop and started working immediately.

Whole day I was in a good mood, finished two drafts I had been sitting on for almost a week, and even read some of the articles I had bookmarked.

Compare that with the previous day.

I didn’t complete the resume I was due to submit by end of day. I didn’t complete my 1-hour reading schedule and didn’t visit my usual job boards, something we freelancers need to do regularly.

It does not take an Einstein to see the difference. I was whole lot happier and more productive listening to those old songs.

Is that really possible? I mean if two songs can make such a difference, I would listen to 10 songs every morning to make myself more productive. But that’s just not the point.

Listening to those melodies transported me to a time gone by. I am a very visual person. So I could see myself lying idle in my bed, not a care in the world and scribbling at the back of my notebook while the song played out of the cassette player. It was about revisiting the happy moments of life.

So one day it could be songs, another day it could be a well-thumbed edition of Perry Mason drama, and yet another day it could be meeting an old neighbor who loves recounting your escapades as a kid. That’s for me.

For you it could be some other things that transport you to the blissful times, which rejuvenate you, make you happy and a better person throughout the day.

But why should we restrict this to a day or two in serendipity when we stumbled upon something or someone. Why not make it more frequent by design?

Why can’t I listen to my favourite numbers while doing my work, as I used to? But I need to concentrate on my work!!

Why can’t I tend to my plants as I used to the 5 pots of our balcony garden? Because I have no time!!

Why can’t I visit my old aunties (they would kill me if they get to know I called them old) more often? They would love to have me. In fact they complain I don’t visit them. Well, I have better things to do than humoring old fuddy-duddies!!

My excuses are not entirely misplaced but I need to realize what that is costing me. Thankfully I have kept one of my idiosyncrasies alive. There are some books that I can’t go without reading almost every 7-8 months. I crave for them like an addict would. But this has helped me remain sane in my busy schedule.

Which reminds me, I haven’t read “To Sir, With Love” for quite some time.

So I am off to curling up in my bed with the book and a mug of steaming hot coffee, but do let me know what you do to revisit your own childhood.