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When life happens every third day – 2018 in review

Another year gone. And 2018 literally flew for me.

If you were around my blog this time of the year, you would know that I intended to publish or rather self-publish one fiction and one non-fiction book in the year 2018. Needless to say, I failed miserably. I have a semi-finished draft of the non-fiction book and some 25 flash fiction stories on my drive as of today.

Of course, a work in progress is much better than nothing, I take it as a failure to meet my goals. We freelancers can hardly be blamed for not meeting our goals because to us life happens every third day, throwing our schedule and short-term goals in complete chaos.

Being a freelance writer, I am no different. And I am proud of the fact. I chose a freelance life because I wanted to live life as it comes, not missing out on anything just because something else needs to be done more urgently.

Everything said, 2018 was a very hectic and fruitful year both professionally and personally. And this post is just a review of that.

Personal achievements

While talking of goals, I cannot ignore the fact that building an extension to our house was on our to-do list since 2016. We could finally achieve it in 2018. Building an extension and renovating the existing parts of a house are no mean tasks. So, I wish that charitable ones among you would pardon me for not meeting my other goals like publishing a book!!

Hey! not everything was a failure professionally

I connected with Shradha Anand the founder of Aura-books through LinkedIn and did what I love doing the most – writing Computer Science textbooks. I wrote some 7-8 books between the period of April and October. Even if I am not sure about their publication, given the chaotic state of text book publishing industry in India, I feel satisfied. And that is the one thing that counts.

And in the process, I have also gained a good friend in Shradha – a bit crazy, a bit worked up, but all the way loving and caring!!

For the past few years I had been rigorously taking stock of the year gone by in terms of both financial and creative satisfaction. This year I did no such exercise. I might do it sometime during January but I am not very sure or keen about it. Because, in my mind I am crystal clear about what I want to do this year. Read more and write more.

2019 has started on a good note

I have started my reading with Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. A great start, I daresay.

And, I started my writing with this blog.

I have been collecting newspaper pages doing 2018 book roundups from Hindustan Times and Times of India to read through the year.  

I have also signed up for Goodreads to help me read more. Though, I must confess I was too lazy to go beyond step 2, where I had to select my favourite genres.

Now, I usually read whatever I can get my hands on, plus I did not want to lose out on some good books simply because I did not put a tick in a box. Eventually, I got confused and clicked the cross button of the browser.

And I need your support

Pray for me that I may be able to read more and write more as I want. I plan to keep updating about the books I read here.

I wish you luck in meeting your expectation of yourself this new year 2019 too. Do let me know what are your expectations in the comments below. I refuse to call them resolutions, because the word itself makes me want not to follow it!!

Post Script: I will post about my analysis of year gone by soon, in case you are interested in knowing. Please say yes even if just not to break my heart.

My Goals For 2018

2018 goals

In my last post of 2017 I talked about how I spiralled deep into depression after a book project I had been working on was shelved by the publisher. It was a first for me – talking about my mental health problem. And I must acknowledge that talking about it helped me in overcoming it.
But the effect remained in my subconscious. I could not bring myself to pick up a pen and paper and set out my annual goals.
I was aware of what was happening. My mind was was avoiding setting goals for fear of another failure. Fear of not meeting my target. Again. Like 2017.

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