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It is My Life

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Tarun had taught Shubhangi to play cricket. But only after she had fought hard with him, asking if he could the name the person who had said it was a boys’ only game. That seemed eons ago. When she was in grade 2 and he in grade 6.

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How to Take Charge of Your Kids’ Behaviour: Teach One Good Thing at a Time

Good Behaviour

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My husband’s weekly car wash routine often turns into a shouting session.

So what does my hubby’s temper have to do with my kids’ behavior? Just this: All or some of the interior storage spaces like bags at seat backs, dashboard, ash trays and cup holders often have toffee wrappings or juice cartons discarded by the kids.

I have taught my kids not to throw the wrappers, juice cartons or empty packets out of the car window. A good habit, no doubt, that took some time getting drilled into their psyche.

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Grow up But don’t Grow out of What You Enjoyed as a Kid or Young Adult

Grow Up Donot Grow Out of Childhood

Yesterday morning I listened to two of my most favourite old songs, after so many years, on my car radio. And it perked me up like anything.

When I reached back home, I skipped and hopped around, putting the house in order. Then I took out my laptop and started working immediately.

Whole day I was in a good mood, finished two drafts I had been sitting on for almost a week, and even read some of the articles I had bookmarked.

Compare that with the previous day.

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The Tamasha Called Life


Yes, finally I watched the movie Tamasha. In the third week after its release. All I can say is that it was worth the wait.

The movie is about a boy who wants to do just one thing in life – tell stories.

But reality intervenes

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Three Pillars of a Great Relationship

We are the sum total of all the relationships we forge in our lifetime – past, present and future. Yes, that is how important relationships are. But why? Because relationships affect us emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Our thought processes can be permanently affected by the people we meet and spend time with. That is why it is said – A man is known by the company he keeps.

So it goes without saying that if you have great relationships, you will become great as a person. If you have mediocre or poor relationships, that’s what your personality will shape up to be.

But what makes for a great relationship? Just these three things:

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