2018 goals

In my last post of 2017 I talked about how I spiralled deep into depression after a book project I had been working on was shelved by the publisher. It was a first for me – talking about my mental health problem. And I must acknowledge that talking about it helped me in overcoming it.
But the effect remained in my subconscious. I could not bring myself to pick up a pen and paper and set out my annual goals.
I was aware of what was happening. My mind was was avoiding setting goals for fear of another failure. Fear of not meeting my target. Again. Like 2017.
The book project threw everything awry, be it personal writing goals, financial goals or personal fitness regimen.
Anyway, when I woke up one fine morning to realize 15 days of the new year had already passed. So I sat down to plan the rest of the 350 days.
And this is what I have set myself to do.

Write Books

I have set myself a very ambitious target – write and self-publish at least 2 books this year. It’s not about money or name. It’s just so that I can fulfill my dream of writing a book.

I have had two book ideas for quite some time. Now I want to convert those ideas into actual book

Grow Financially

I have realised that I can not have creative freedom till I gain financial independence. I started setting financial goals two years back. Till then I believed that a writer was destined to starve!!
I have set myself a monthly target of USD1000. It’s a tall order, but I want that to be the target.
I still haven’t planned how I will get the necessary clients but I have faith that I will get near it. Though, I have made a start by signing up for Finishers group by Mridu. It’s an awesome group and I will be writing about it in more details later.

Read More

It’s true that the more you read, the more you are able to write.
Reading has been a passion for me since may be I learnt my alphabets. I remember walking the school corridor with my Perry Mason open, because I couldn’t wait even 2 minutes for the next twist in the saga.
I always plan to spend a certain monthly amount on books every month, but never stick to it.
2018 is going to be the year when I do this. If the finances are tight, this budget head would be the last one to be slashed.

Learn More

I have always been academically inclined, and I still love studying. Since I discovered coursera, I have been taking lots of courses there, even if sans the certification. But it is still not as much as I would want to. This year I plan to devote more time to acquiring knowledge about new technologies, especially cryptocurrencies, artifical intelligence and machine learning.

I want 2018 to be the year when I learn more, write more and earn more. I have shared my dreams and goals here so that I am accountable to you all.

Wish me luck my dear readers, and I will keep you updated on my achievements.