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English Vinglish: Every Homemaker’s Story

English Vinglish

English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a film I had been waiting for due to two reasons. One, it was Sridevi’s comeback movie and like everyone of my generation I am a huge fan of hers. Two, the story that came from the trailers interested me. I could not go watch the movie in theatre

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My Favourite Stressbusters

Stress is a truth that everyone has to deal with in today’s fast paced life. Like everyone else I am also prone to bouts of depression once in a while. And I have developed my own ways of busting that stress.

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I watched the movie “Paan Singh Tomar” last week. A moving and strong biopic. Good screenplay and even better acting by Irrfan made the narration gripping. I am not going to review the movie, but share a few thoughts about it.

The movie reminded me of the movie “Raajneeti

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