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So long ago,
She played with her dolls,
with her mama,
with her papa.
Oblivious to the outside world –
no pains,
no sorrows,
her world was joy,
her life a happiness.

But soon,
She became a girl –
her thoughts her playmates,
her feelings her companions.
Protected from the external world,
no worries,
no problems.
The tears soon forgotten,
The laughter on the lips eternal.

And before she knew,
She was a young lady –
so many friends,
so many companions.
But cocooned in her own self,
in a world of her own.
With her own joys,
her own sorrows.
Feeling the pains,
Getting the reality of the world.

And then she met someone.
Someone –
who made her a woman.
A woman with tender feelings,
deep emotions.
Someone –
who shared her joys,
and her sorrows,
understood her,
loved her,
was her own.
Someone in whom,
she found,
what she couldn’t find
in her dolls,
in her mama, her papa
from her playmates
or her companions
and not even her friends.

she is not just a girl, a lady, a woman,
she is a complete human being.



Today I kept remembering,

the first time I saw you.

Those dancing eyes,

the half-smile on your lips,

and the urgency of your voice.

Nor once did you cast

your eyes upon me;

me, who was sitting in front of you,

looking at you,

and just you.

A book in my hands,

half-reclining on the berth,

pretending to read,

forcing back the tears.

Yes, I was crying,

for, I was going away from my home,

leaving back the safe cocoon,

venturing into an unknown, unfriendly world.

And yet, your sight brought a joy to the heart.

I forgot the tears,

and a happiness lit up my world.

Oh! How I wanted those moments to be eternal.

But alas! That was not to be so.

The time took its course,

and so did you.

I couldn’t stop the time,

I couldn’t hold you.

You went away,

leaving back your memories.

The memories I hold dear to me,

close to my heart.

The memories that keep reminding me of the time

when I first saw you.


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