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Can we undo our past?

We Cannot Undo Our Past

Today is Children’s Day – the birth anniversary of independent India’s first prime minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Just over 50 years after his death we seem to be forgetting our first prime minister. The buzz around this day has drastically diminished over the last couple of years. Why? Just because those ruling the corridors of power do not agree with his ideologies?

Whether we like it or not, Pandit Nehru will remain our first prime minister. No amount of effort can undo that. He is an indelible part of our history and legacy. More than 200 years since his death, every American – be it Republican or Democrat – revers his first president, George W. Washington. Why can’t we Indians – fascinated with everything western – emulate them in this regard?

I am not trying to make a case for the greatness of Pandit Nehru. History has recorded it and I am not equipped to comment on it.

My point is this…

Can we undo our past? Should we even try to?

What is done is done. It is etched in time till eternity. What is the point of discussing whether it was right or wrong just for the sake of it. Past should be discussed to learn lessons from it, not to prove that it is responsible for all current misfortunes.

What we can change is our future, and that is what we should strive to do. Rather than raking up old things and spoiling our present as well as future due to that. As GB Shaw said,

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future.

9 Life Truths I Want to Share With My Daughter

9 Life Truths

9 Life Truths

My elder daughter turned 10 a month ago. These are interesting times for her, but confusing and scary too. Being a mother, my heart goes out to her when I see her trying to comprehend the emotional changes she is undergoing. Nowadays, I am her biggest friend as well as the bitterest of enemies. So there are so many things I want to tell her but am unable to.

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7 Reasons to Watch Dear Zindagi

Still from the movie Dear Zindagi.

Still from the movie Dear Zindagi. Look at Alia’s glasses carefully.

Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan starrer Dear Zindgai released on November 25, 2016, and I watched the movie the same day. After a real long time I had watched a movie on its day of release and it was worth the effort; with two kids in tow watching any movie is an effort. And if you have a tween by your side, who can ask uncomfortable questions or laugh at the most inopportune moment……..

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It’s Not Just Religion. We Indians Are Intolerant of Everything the Other Person Stands For


I know I am being overly sarcastic, but we Indians are intolerant of whatever the other person does, thinks, or speaks out for.

Intolerance is our way of life.

And this trend cuts across age, gender, community, region and religion.

You want to be an engineer? Haven’t you read about ever declining performance of the manufacturing sector in India.

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5 Life Changing Lessons from 50 Years of Marriage

50 Years of Marriage

Last month we celebrated my parents’ 50th marriage anniversary.

With family and close friends in attendance and truckloads of emotions flowing freely at the dinner party.

50 years is a long time by any benchmark. So there were lots of stories to be told, and we decided to make that the centerpiece of the event. Uncles and aunties and family members sharing anecdotes and feelings about ma and papa.

By and by the party turned into a sentimental journey down memory lane – what we had always wanted.

This occasion also gave us – my brother and me – to do something we had never done before. Thank our parents for all they had done. And not done.

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